Category: Dinner

Zucchini Ravioli

Zucchini noodles can be substituded for much more than spaghetti.

By Adrian Martinez

Sheet Pan Steak and Rainbow Veggies

Steak and veggies that will make your mouth water. Great for a hearty meal on a cold night.

By Adrian Martinez

BBQ Pickle Bacon Skewers

These pickle bacon skewers will satisfy that crunchy, salty craving. Served alongside a BBQ piece of protein or right inside a burger, these skewers are sure to be a hit with pickle lovers everywhere.

By Asher

Cheesy Pesto Chicken Bake

This easy pesto chicken bake is packed with flavour! Check out my basil cashew pesto recipe to see how easy it is to make and use in different dishes all week long!

By Asher

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Meatballs

Meatballs that you could win an award with. They taste like a cheeseburger without the bun.

By Adrian Martinez

Creamy Lemon Chicken

This is such a great recipe for lemon chicken. Cream and lemon are surprisingly a delicious combination. An FYI for those calorie counters, this recipe DOES NOT use an insane amount of cream.

By Adrian Martinez

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