Category: Quick & Easy

BBQ Pickle Bacon Skewers

These pickle bacon skewers will satisfy that crunchy, salty craving. Served alongside a BBQ piece of protein or right inside a burger, these skewers are sure to be a hit with pickle lovers everywhere.

By Asher

Alsatian Tarte Flambée

Traditional Alsatian tarte flambée recipe with very easy and very fast to-make dough, cream fraiche, bacon and onions. Ready to serve in less 1 hour.

By justyumyum

Beans and Buffalo Chicken Chilli

Hearty and tasty, this meal is done in no time (for a chilli that is). A true chilli that will warm you right up to the core. A great dish if you're looking to have leftovers.

By Asher

Grilled Aloha Chicken

I promise this tropical grilled chicken meal is your new go-to summer dinner. Fresh, tasty and easy to make.

By Adrian Martinez

Quick and Easy Veggie Biryani

Biryani is sort of like the Indian version of risotto or pilaff. Remember that rice is 2:1 so if you need more rice up the water too.

By Derek Ratcliffe

Avocado Egg Salad

This is a nice light meal perfect for lunch on a cool day. You can substitute the egg whites for full eggs if you prefer. You can also substitute the greek yogurt for an extra tablespoon of mayonnaise if you prefer. This tastes great open faced on dark rye, in a wrap or all by itself.

By Adrian Martinez