DIY YogurtBy Lusine SYogurt is an excellent source of calcium, as long as it’s full fat, or close to it. The protein and the probiotics in the yogurt also helps boost our immune system. And let’s not forget our digestive system. Since yogurt is technically fermented milk, it is loaded with live bacteria colonies that help keep our digestive system strong. All you need are two ingredients! Prep it tonight, have it ready for breakfast tomorrow!
#nosugar Red Currant JamBy Derek RatcliffeDelicious sweet and tart red currant jam. Spread it over your favourite toast, a scone, or even atop a piece of lean protein.
BiscuitsBy Derek RatcliffeDelicious fresh biscuits.
Surprise EggsBy Derek RatcliffeMake this simple breakfast for you and your kiddies to sneak some wholesome protein in right at the start of your day. Make at least one per person.
Vegetable and Goat Cheese FrittataBy Tasty RecipesThis is an easy, delicious breakfast or brunch that’s great right after making or the following day. Tastes great, packed with nutrients and easy to make for the whole family in one shot. Add or substitute your favourite vegetables to make it your own. If you prefer something with some extra protein, feel free to add in your favourite breakfast meat.
Veggie, Sausage and Goat Cheese FrittataBy Organic_ashleyThis frittata tastes so moist and decadent, yet its packed with nutritious ingredients and will keep you feeling full and satisfied. One of my very favourites for a weekend brunch. Feel free to substitute the vegetables for your favourites. Mushrooms and asparagus are great options for a frittata as well.
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