Greek BaklavaBy cleanfreshcuisineGreek Baklava; the quintessential Greek dessert with buttery, flaky filo dough, nuts, cinnamon and honey. Delicious and decadent!
Bite Size Banana CakeBy Ashley ShawnaThese bite size treats are the perfect ending to any meal. One is just enough to feel satisfied and not to guilty - but if your in the mood for a little more, have a second one for a bigger indulgence.
Cherry Pie Foldover CookiesBy cleanfreshcuisineWith just 6 ingredients, these wonderful little morsels are like mini cherry pies! A family favorite Christmas cookie!
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter CookiesBy cleanfreshcuisineThis is an incredible combination of two classic cookie favorites! When deciding which kind to make for a party this weekend, I asked the family which they preferred. The answer was “Chocolate chip!” and “Peanut Butter”! Soooo, I decided to combine the two and came up with a new family favorite! With the sharp chocolate flavor of dark chocolate chips combined with peanut buttery sweetness, these are delicious, moist and easy! Also, this recipe makes 5 dozen cookies! Enough for a hungry crowd!
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