Broccoli and Potato MashBy Derek RatcliffeI love making this dish, its quick and the kids love it. Plus if you boil a bunch of extra chopped potatoes you have tomorrows fried potatoes already cooked so they just have to crisp up.
Quick Roast Chicken – aka – Shabbat in 50minBy Derek RatcliffeThe perfect shabbat dinner - or Friday night dinner, or even a family dinner on a week night. This is a "fill you up, make you feel great" kind of dinner - plus, the chicken stock is a great bonus.
Sweet and Spicy ShrimpBy Organic_ashleyThis sweet and spicy shrimp dish is like making your very own Chinese takeout – but that much fresher. This is best served with some nice fried rice or even some steamed rice, anything to soak up the left over sauce.
Cheesy Corn On The CobBy Tasty RecipesThis corn on the cob is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. The parmesan cheese forms a nice little crust that adds a nice little touch to each bite.
Gooey Grilled and Baked EggplantBy Tasty RecipesThis is the perfect no guilt alternative to lasagna. Your charred eggplant serves as the perfect in between for that hearty texture with the cheesy goodness and tang of the tomato sauce. When I’m feeling like a nice big meal, this is my go to. Another option is to switch out the bocconcini for fresh mozzarella or ricotta cheese.
Spaghetti CarbonaraBy Organic_ashleyThis is an easy, minimal ingredient pasta dish that tastes like heaven! Spaghetti is my preference, but feel free to use the noodle of your choice!
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