Cobb SaladBy Tasty RecipesThis is a perfect, hearty salad. Add additional vegetables such as cucumbers to bulk up on those healthy vitamins. I love this with the red wine vinaigrette, but you could use a nice greek yogurt blue cheese dressing giving you an extra rich flavour, or any other dressing you might prefer.
Cheesy Corn On The CobBy Tasty RecipesThis corn on the cob is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. The parmesan cheese forms a nice little crust that adds a nice little touch to each bite.
Grilled Veggie SaladBy Organic_ashleyThis is delicious all on its own or paired with any lean protein. I love it beside a fresh grilled piece of salmon. Feel free to add or change the vegetables to include some of your favourites. A firmer goat cheese goes nicely with this if you prefer that to feta.For a non-dairy option, just leave off the cheese.
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