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    17 Creative Food Art Ideas Your Child Will Love

    It’s not always easy feeding a child with picky eating habits. We decided to put together 18 creative food art ideas that will make the process of feeding a hungry child that much easier. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional artist to create a work of art. We found ways to easily turn your noodles into Chewbacca, […] More

  • DIY Yogurt

    Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, as long as it’s full fat, or close to it. The protein and the probiotics in the yogurt also helps boost our immune system. And let’s not forget our digestive system. Since yogurt is technically fermented milk, it is loaded with live bacteria colonies that help keep our digestive system strong. All you need are two ingredients! Prep it tonight, have it ready for breakfast tomorrow! More

  • Surprise Eggs

    Make this simple breakfast for you and your kiddies to sneak some wholesome protein in right at the start of your day. Make at least one per person. More

  • Fried Potatoes

    Make a big batch of these potatoes and use to accompany breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are delicious fresh out of the pan or heated up later. More

  • Vegetable and Goat Cheese Frittata

    This is an easy, delicious breakfast or brunch that’s great right after making or the following day. Tastes great, packed with nutrients and easy to make for the whole family in one shot. Add or substitute your favourite vegetables to make it your own. If you prefer something with some extra protein, feel free to add in your favourite breakfast meat. More

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