Pepper Pot ShrimpBy Tasty RecipesTry this pepper pot shrimp on a cold day. It's a quick dish and you can make it as hot as you want.
Leftover Turkey SandwichBy Tasty RecipesThere's 101 ways to deal with left over turkey. This is one of my favourites - easy to make and perfect for a tasty lunch.
Grilled Citrus Salmon and AsparagusBy Tasty RecipesThis is one of my personal favourites. This grilled citrus salmon and asparagus dish makes for the perfect meal to have on a warm summer evening. An ideal meal for the patio 🙂
Delicious Baked Shrimp ScampiBy Ashley ShawnaA fun spin on a classic recipe makes it possible to have the deliciousness of the scampi you love without needing to sweat over a stove. Who says you can't have it all!
Sweet and Spicy ShrimpBy Organic_ashleyThis sweet and spicy shrimp dish is like making your very own Chinese takeout – but that much fresher. This is best served with some nice fried rice or even some steamed rice, anything to soak up the left over sauce.
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