Pepper Pot ShrimpBy Tasty RecipesTry this pepper pot shrimp on a cold day. It's a quick dish and you can make it as hot as you want.
Cheesy French Onion ChickenBy Tasty RecipesWhat's not to love? Tender chicken, caramelized onions and loads of melted cheese. A great recipe to feed your hungry family!
Broccoli Leek Cheesy SoupBy cleanfreshcuisineBroccoli Leek Cheese Soup. What's better on a cold winter night than a bowl of hot, homemade soup? Easy and delicious!
Split Pea SoupBy cleanfreshcuisineHearty and delicious, here is the perfect comfort food for a cold winter night!
Chicken Tortilla Bowl SoupBy Organic_ashleyThis recipe is the perfect meal for bachelors, students, or the chronically busy. It's super easy and incredibly tasty. All you do is dump all of the ingredients together in a pot, and let it cook.
Coconut Creamy Sweet Potato SoupBy Cheel of WheeseSimple to make soup with mainly Sweet Potato and Green Onions from my Organics Live Box. The soup is sweet and flavorful, great for the cold weather! I like it best warm, blended smoothly with Potato skins left on for nutrition. Coffee mugs are the only way to drink soup :P.