Surprise Corn dogsBy Ashley ShawnaThis recipe can be modified in so many different ways to suit your needs. If you are having a party, I love to do these with cocktail wieners making them more bite sized. You could also use turkey or chicken dogs, and pair those with other cheeses - like turkey and brie!
Family Style TamalesBy Ashley ShawnaHere's a great take on a Mexican classic. Why make one when you can make them all! A much easier way to share a delicious meal with the whole family.
Crispy Garlic Cheesy TatersBy Ashley ShawnaDelicious, hot, crunchy - everything you'd want in an oven baked potato. Plus you can never go wrong with a little extra cheese.
Beer & Bratwurst NachosBy Tersia PrinsNachos are the go-to party favourite. If you like meat, these beer & bratwurst nachos are a carnivore's dream.
Party Appetizer MeatballsBy Tersia PrinsAppetizer meatballs are a party favorite. Lucky for you, these meatballs can be made as quickly as they will be eaten.
Crispy Quinoa SlidersBy Chris RThese crispy quinoa sliders are a healthier alternative to the traditional party favourite. Quinoa is also known for its high protein content so you won't be missing out.
Killer Pulled Pork SlidersBy Ashley ShawnaThe easiest and most tender pulled pork can only be made with a slow cooker. It may take a little bit of time to cook but it's well worth it.
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