DIY YogurtBy Lusine SYogurt is an excellent source of calcium, as long as it’s full fat, or close to it. The protein and the probiotics in the yogurt also helps boost our immune system. And let’s not forget our digestive system. Since yogurt is technically fermented milk, it is loaded with live bacteria colonies that help keep our digestive system strong. All you need are two ingredients! Prep it tonight, have it ready for breakfast tomorrow!
Oven Roasted ChestnutsBy Cheel of WheeseChestnuts are a quick and simple way to get a flavorful healthy snack. First they are brought to simmer in a pot of water and then roasted in the oven to soften them up.
Mushroom PateBy Derek RatcliffeYou will not believe how heart and delicious this mushroom pate is until you try it yourself. I could eat the entire jar - and the best part - its a no guilt dish.
Fun Fruit SkewersBy Organic_ashleyWith all the beautiful fruit we get in our Organics Live produce boxes, I thought these skewers were a great way to get a good tasting of a variety of fruit at once. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they look great and are easy to serve to kids as a snack or as a light desert.
Maple Glazed Sweet and Spicy PecansBy Organic_ashleyWith all the fresh leafy greens in our Organics Live produce boxes, I wanted to think of a nice, crunchy nutritious topping to add to my salads. These sweet and spicy nuts are great not only in salads, but as a nice decadent snack all on their own!
Crispy Cauliflower TotsBy Organic_ashleyI love to have a hearty side dish with a meal but often find myself frustrated with the calories and time involved in prepping it after a long day. These tots hold up well in the fridge and taste great for a couple of days after they were made. The best part – they are also guilt free! Hope you love them as much as I do!
Baba GanoushBy Organic_ashleyThis baba ganoush is great for an afternoon snack or as an appetizer before a meal. You can serve it with fresh cut veggies or crisps, whatever you prefer. Also the olives are not necessary, so feel free to leave them out if they are not your thing. You may want to add a little additional olive oil if you do choose to leave them out in order to achieve a smooth creamy texture.
Cauliflower PopcornBy Organic_ashleyThis kicked up cauliflower popcorn will satisfy your savoury craving every time. It’s light, easy to make and feels like a treat.
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