10 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets of 2017

These truly are the coolest kitchen gadgets of 2017. Most of these are on my personal wish list, number 10 is my absolute favorite. These also make for great gift ideas if you’re in the shopping mood for those cooks in your life.

10 iGulu – Smart Beer Home Brewery http://www.igulu.com/

9. CrumbStop https://www.amazon.com/Crumb-Stop-Sto…

8. KLUD – a kitchen cloth http://www.monomental.dk/

7. ChopTainer http://www.thinkhat.com/thechoptainer/

6. AZUME Rice Cooker https://azume.kitchen/en/

5. ISLUSH http://product.theislush.com/index.php

4. Titanium Peeler http://klebdesign.com/

3. POCKET KITCHEN http://aiclay.com/

2. HIKU http://hiku.us/

1. Nufood kitchen 3D printer http://www.nufood.io/

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