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Recipes are what drives people to our website but pictures are what makes people come back for seconds. Scatter jar is a website filled with high-res beautiful royalty-free food photographs. Michaela from Scatter Jar reached out to us a few weeks ago with some tips on how to take great food photographs that will make you salivate. We had a chance to chat with her about why she started taking pictures, why she chose food as her subject of choice and some pro tips for pro pics. What is your background in photography?

“I’m a self taught photographer. I was inspired to teach myself the art of food photography after many months idolizing beautiful imagery in my collection of cookbooks. I then discovered the work of food stylists and food photographers online and wanted to contribute to the exciting world of Food Photography. I fell in love with the creative process of photography, so I decided to launch Scatter Jar to not only share my images online but to have my own little creative space. All of the images on the site are available to download for free and can be used for both personal and commercial projects. I now truly have the food photography bug – I take my camera everywhere!” Why food photography?

“Apart from absolutely loving to eat, I adore cooking and baking. I also live in London so trying new restaurants is a regular occurrence! Scatter Jar is very much about celebrating the beauty of natural ingredients in natural light! So often in life we get caught up in our hectic schedules that we forget to be thankful and appreciate the beauty of food. Through my photography, I celebrate the simplicity of food by capturing the beauty of an onion skin or a clementine segment. I find the process extremely reflective and feel grateful to have such nourishing food – plus, I eat everything I photograph so it’s a win win situation!”

DSC_6819-1200x798 Food Photography Tips Food Photography Tips tips for taking good food pics?

“My advice for taking good pics of food is to seek out natural light wherever possible and pick up your camera to practice as often as possible. You definitely don’t need all of the professional photography gear to take beautiful photographs of food! I also publish food photography content on my site from Photography basics to food photography tips and tricks. It’s kind of like a documentation of my food photography journey so far.”

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