Fruits and Vegetables or Human Anatomy?

Who knew a cucumber could look so similar to a human arm, or a watermelon to a human head? Some artists have a real gift of seeing the world a little differently and this one is no exception. Dancretu features wonderful creative creations all over their Tumblr account, reinventing the way we see the food we eat. Looks like theres a lot more that can be done with produce if you have an open mind and a fine tuned creative ability.

Fruits and Vegetables come in all shapes and sizes, varieties, colours and textures. Even within the same fruit family, such as pears, there can be lots of differences. This is much the same as humans, no two people are created the same. The level of detail this artist is able to achieve through fine tuning and sculpting  pieces of produce is mind blowing. You may almost mistake these pieces of art for drawings. I love the creativity this artist has put into his unique form of art, and cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next. Check out some of the great images we’ve selected for your viewing pleasure below. Enjoy!

Cucumber Arm


Watermelon Head


Eggplant Legs


Cantaloupe Chest


Red Potato Back


 Zecchini Chest


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