Fruits and Vegetables That Look Like Something Else

Appearances can be deceiving, especially in the case of these different looking fruits and vegetables. In the one of a kind imagery featured below, we get the chance to see mother nature’s creative side. It’s interesting how the very same crop can grow lots of the same items that look very different than one another. Whether its in size, shape, or in the case of the ones below – the way in which we interpret the form to resemble something else – the uniqueness of all of natures elements are what makes the earth such an amazing place. It is extremely rare to get two things to grow identically on their own in nature.

Looking at the turnip for example, I wonder if what we’ve been exposed to reflects how we interpret that piece. Would we see the below fruits and vegetables as simply fruits and vegetables if we had never seen other elements that look similar to these naturally grown pieces of produce? Though the interesting but simple forms are fun to look at, depending on the recipe you are creating they could make crafting your favourite dish a little more complicated. Or, perhaps if you do ever come across one of these fun (and delicious) pieces of nature’s art, you can use it as part of a fun seasonal centrepiece. Regardless how big, small, funny shaped or exactly what you expect in that particular piece of produce, nothing is better than the crops of the earth we are so lucky to enjoy regularly. So have a look at these amazing images, and maybe they will inspire you to get creative with your next meal!














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