38 Different Types of Coffee to Spruce up Your Day

Have you ever been to your local coffee shop and wanted to spice things up a bit? That regular medium blend just won’t do it that day. The only problem your faced with is – “What should I get”!? Maybe you’re into espresso’s or possibly a macchiato but don’t limit yourself to coffee you’ve tried in the past. Give A breve or a dead eye a try. We tried to make things a bit easier on you and outlined 38 different types of coffee to spruce up your day.types of coffee

What Are Your Favourite Types of Coffee?

I can’t even come to terms with which coffee I love the most. As a huge coffee fan I like variety but a latte hit’s the spot an a relaxed Sunday morning. We hope you enjoyed this 38 different types of coffee infographic. Use the buttons below to share this article with those coffee fanatics in your life.

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