What One Serving of Fruit Really looks Like

Pulling my favourite mug out of the cupboard, I fill it up with some beautiful plump organic green grapes. I rinse the grapes off and head out to my porch to enjoy the beautiful afternoon weather, with a cold refreshing snack.

Many people, just like you and I tend to take this approach when it comes to their fruit – grab what you want, put it in your favourite dish and voila! Ready to enjoy. Though fruit is delicious and an essential part of a healthy balanced diet, it’s important to also consider what a healthy amount to enjoy in one serving looks like. Depending on the size and variety of fruit your consuming, portion size may vary. For example, a full cup of blueberries may be considered one portion while only half a grapefruit is considered a portion. Depending on the fructose levels and other nutritional indicators related to a specific piece of fruit, the physical volume contributing to one serving could vary quite substantially.

One tip I like to offer when it comes to enjoying your fruit is not to enjoy it alone. Pair it with some cheese, as the ending to a meal, or even with a little yogurt. Offering your body a little bit of everything it needs will leave you feeling fuller, and give you a boost of energy.

I bet you’ll be surprised at what exactly one serving of fruit looks like – I know I was!


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