How to turn an Avocado into a Beautiful Avocado Rose

From time-to-time we get various requests. This time we were asked “How do you turn an avocado into a beautiful avocado rose?” This video is definitely one of the better step-by-step instructions on how to cut, slice and bend this avocado into a blossoming flower. This video is only about 60 seconds but it gives you the perfect instructions on what to make a beautiful creation. This would be perfect to impress your friends at a dinner party. You could accompany this avocado rose with a mixed greens salad or a delicious chicken fajita salad.

You either love or hate avocados. I personally try to eat one every day. They are super healthy and they can complement almost every meal.

Making a Beautiful Avocado Rose Tips

TIP #1: Pick a firm yet ripe avocado.
TIP #2: Coat cutting board with a little olive oil.
Avocado Rose
TIP #3: If our avocado is sticking, oil your knife.
Avocado Rose
TIP #4: Work in small sections to get the fan just right.
TIP #5: Only touch the base of the rose.
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