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  • Maple Balsamic Dressing

    This is the perfect salad dressing for those heavier leafy greens like kale and spinach. The sweet yet tart flavours really combine nicely with hearty vegetables. I love this with a nice goat or feta cheese as well. More

  • Baba Ganouj – No Mayo

    This a great way to enjoy eggplant along with your favourite crisp bread or pita. I love it as an appetizer when I’m making anything inspired. More

  • Raita – Yogurt Sauce

    This is a cooling sauce, so it is meant for spicy dishes – don’t add any hot spices here. If you want to add a bit more spice flavour increase the cumin or add some coriander seeds, fennel seeds or cardamom to the cumin before toasting. More

  • Vegan Pesto

    Pesto can be used on top of bread, as a sauce to a pasta, or over top a slice of chicken. Use it to kick up the flavour of any existing recipe. Switch up the type of nut used based on availability or preference – pine nuts and walnuts both work great. More

  • Green Goddess Dressing

    This green goddess dressing is absolutely amazing. I’ve tried many recipes, and I love that this one is full of fresh herbs and packed with flavour. If your don’t find it creamy enough, feel free to increase the amount of mayonnaise and sour cream. If you like the flavour of some specific herbs feel free to add more of those as well. You will love this! More

  • Home Made Taco Seasoning

    I absolutely love making my own spice blends so I am aware of exactly what’s going into my food. If you have a little herb garden, I encourage you to make your own dried herbs as well. Homemade always tastes so much better, and you can adjust to whatever will suit your tastes best. More

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