Sweet Potato GnocchiBy Tasty RecipesAfter you try this recipe, you will never want the regular potato gnocchi again. These gnocchi have a sweet taste with a light texture.
Garlic Herb Crusted Roast Rack Of LambBy Tasty RecipesThis garlic herb crusted roast rack of lamb recipe is an impressive meal that is easy to make and will get rave reviews at any dinner party.
40-clove Garlic ChickenBy Tasty RecipesThis 40-clove garlic chicken is the dream meal for any garlic lover. It's a satisfying meal just don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards 🙂
Lasagna RosesBy Tasty RecipesThese lasagna roses are way more convenient than a traditional lasagna. They are easy to serve and even easier to portion out!
Spicy Korean BBQ-style PorkBy Tasty RecipesDo you like spice? This is the recipe for you. This spicy Korean BBQ-style pork is perfect for a side or even for a main.
Chicken Parm PizzaBy Tasty RecipesHere's a great recipe for all those chicken lovers. Don't forget to make 2 of these pizza's, you'll be happy you did once you finished the first one.
Mashed Potato WontonsBy Tasty RecipesThese mashed potato wontons are great for a side or even a snack. They are very easy to make and really tasty!
BBQ Smoker Pork RibsBy Tasty RecipesPork ribs are the holy grail of BBQ. Mastering them marks the difference between an amateur or a pro. With this recipe, we'll equip you with the skills to become a pro!
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